Sunday, April 12, 2009


Most mothers are WONDERFUL at documenting their child's milestones. Most mothers have baby books for their kids that are filled out meticulously.

Baby's first word: "Mama" when baby was 14 months, 3 days, and 10 hours old.

Baby's first tooth: 9 months (and it will be taped right HERE when it falls out in a few years!)

Baby's first steps: On a trip to Grammy's house on Sept. 9, 2005. The day was rainy and gloomy. Baby wore a blue dress with pink leggings, grabbed onto the maroon sofa, stood, and took two teeny steps forward to the many excited squeals of mother. Father, of course, was watching the ball game and missed the little miracle!

That's MOST mothers.

That's not me.

Me? I'm the one who turns to my husband and says, "Hmmm...#2 really isn't talking much and she just turned 2. Wasn't #1 talking well already??" Or, "How many months was #1 when she started crawling?"
Which might not be TOO much of a problem if my husband's response wasn't a shrug and a grunt that sounds like "Idunno".

#2 DID just turn 2 last week, though, and by golly, I feel downright guilty for not having kept track of their milestones. I can't make up for the past, but I can make sure that from now on, we have a way of documeting these special moments! So, the beginning of Sergeant Mommy.

I'll write about my girls, my life as a Marine and a Mom, and the world in general as it relates to parenting. I hope you enjoy "watching" my girls grow up. I know I am!

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