Sunday, August 29, 2010

Catching Up!

First things first: I stand humbly before you asking forgiveness for my lack of blog posts. I know so many of you lead very busy lives and still find time to blog. I admire that, and wish to someday be able to control this craziness enough to put my thoughts down so that this blog can have some sort of consistency. Until then, I will grovel at your feet in apology and pray you don't throw virtual rotten tomatoes my way!
Work has I am going to be requesting to be moved to one of the MEUs (Marine Expeditionary Unit) that is leaving on a 6-month deployment at the end of next year. I need the deployment under my belt and it allows me to get out of my current shop, which would be a blessing in itself. When Marines are disgruntled, it makes the working environment so stressful, and most of the Marines I work with ARE disgruntled!
I've also really been concentrating on building my Scentsy business. I booked the Mira Mesa street fair, and have three basket parties going out soon. Placing a HUGE order on the 1st for our new products, like the Marine Corps warmer! And also thinking of hosting a Scentsy giveaway on my blog soon. Check out my site:
My daughters still amaze me. The oldest started Kindergarten on Thursday. I managed not to cry somehow, and she was all smiles and excitement. The youngest is starting to talk a lot more and her preschool teachers have nothing but praise for her. I took them to Disneyland last Tuesday and they had a BLAST!!! It wasn't crowded at all, but it was HOT!! I did start them on their journey to becoming Disney Pin Collectors, though! That's exciting to me....I know....I'm a dork! LOL
Husband leaves for Overseas (yes...there) in a month. Lots of preparing involved with that, obviously.
I've got two book reviews to write up, too...
Life is busy.....but it's good!!!