Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Elbow Fetishes and Fashion Mavens

Another theme day at the CDC today. Clothes were to be worn inside out or upside down, and breakfast would be served for lunch and vice-versa.
I got #2 dressed in her inside out clothes (I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to dress them upside down...anyone?) but #1 was NOT having it! She refused to wear her shirt and pants out of the ordinary way. No matter how much I prodded and how often I told her that EVERYONE was wearing their clothes that way, she refused to budge. Good thing, I guess, since when my Hubby took the girls in, NONE of the kids in #1's room were dressed inside out. It appears that these lil munchkins take rules and status quo quite seriously at this age! I guess after being told over and over again how to do things the RIGHT way, doing them the wrong way, even when urged to, just isn't happening. Way to stick to your guns, baby girl!

#1, that one is just something else entirely! She has this odd obsession with our elbows!!! She lays next to us on the couch, in bed, ANYWHERE!!, and starts stroking our arms and pinching our elbows. It's kind of sweet at first, since #2 was never very affectionate as a young infant. In fact, she refused to be kissed, and would thrash if you tried hugging her. Now though, oh, it's all about the elbows. She'll only fall asleep holding onto my arm. I wonder where this new fetish comes from, and what exactly it means. For now, though, I'm happy that she's showing her love in this physical manner. Pinched elbows and all.

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